Our new order of hooks that came in July 2011 has jumped way up on our prices. I understand no one want's to pay more. But we can't sell them for less then what we have in them. If the dollar rebounds against the Yen then we will drop our prices back down. But every hook maker is feeling this increase. The company we buy these from, Has been hit by this and we held our prices until our old stock was sold.

Wild Wolf Products is now stocking the CHARLIE BROWN Octopus Hooks Quick Rig Charlie Brown Octopus Circle Hooks have it all for stripers and Big Catfish, you have a Kahle hook and a circle hook in one hook. I think if your looking for that hook that fishes like a Circle and a Kahle. This is the hook for you! Allows one to set the hook, or allow the fish to set the hook while you kick back. .

We now have Charile Brown Octopus hooks in Black 5/0 7 pack 6/0,7/0, 8/0 & 9/0 6 packs & 10/0 5 packs Then in Red we have 8/0 & 9/0 6 packs Then we have the 10/0HD 4 per pack I will be offering other Hooks at buys that will save you all money in the near future. If you have any size and type of hook that you use, My Prices are real competitive to the market place. If you find a cheaper price, just compare the shipping charges. E-Mail me and let me know and if there a hook that you would like me to stock if theres enough demand I will make them available if at all possible I can aqquire about any brand, size and style.
Also we have been selling the 20/0 and 24/0 shark hooks also.

Charile Brown Octopus hooks

Circle Hooks

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Charlie Brown Hooks
Charlie Brown Hooks
Charlie Brown Circle hooks
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Charlie Brown Hooks
Charlie Brown Circle 24/0 Hooks
Charlie Brown 24/0 Circle hooks

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