Saftey Floats

We at WildWolf Products have come up with a Safty Float. How many times have you dropped stuff overboard? Fish grips, Boga Grips, Camara's, Dip Net and the list goes on. I know there's been lots of times, I have wished for something that would have loved to have had one of these. Just clip the Safty jug on what every it is, that you would rather not have at the bottom of the river. They come in 2 sizes 2 5/8" X 5" then he 3 3/4"x 5" size also. Custom sizes can be orderd. They have a 1/4" X #10 eye bolt throught the bottom.

Safety Floats 2 5/8" on left

2 5/8" Safety Float

Safety Floats 3 3/4" on right

3 3/4" Safety Float