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Best Quality Juglines made
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3 1/2" Jugs

3 1/2" Jugs

2 5/8"" Jugs

We at WildWolf Products have decided to assemble our Regular Noodle jugs as long as we gan get a good supply of Noodle material. I have been in discussions with the manufacturer and they tell me "No Problem". Time will tell and I have a decent supply currently. I am making up the 3 1/2" in 12" long jugs. The 2 5/8" jugs in the 12" length also. We can make the length longer if you need it. But the 12" ones work Adn help save you on shipping cost also. They will be sold in the following quantity lots only. OUT OF STOCK UNTIL Mid May
  • 2 5/8" diametor X 12" Long Lots of 12 - $54.00
  • 3 1/2" diameter X 12" long Lots of 9 -$49.50
  • Shipping is $15.00 per Lot
  • You can E-Mail us for the Shipping cost
The reason for the lot sizes is due to the size of box to ship in and the costs of shipping will be less that way. Of course I can make up ship however many one would like by a custom order. E-mail me your needs. I have the following Colors of noodle material, Lime Green, Yellow,Red,Purple,Orange and Pink. All of thes colors are very visable.

Best Assembled Price for Jugs on the internet that compares to our type of Jugs. Our jugs all come with the JugMaster Spool for setting the depth that you want to fish at. Provision for GlowStick for Night Fishing and Easy to find at Night. Ready to use when you get them. All you have to do is put whatever line and terminal tackle that you use.

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