Discount Tackle

From time to time I will have on this Page, Products that
are either overstock, have a little flaw in material used
, discontinued,or Not up to my Normal Quality Standards
All products sold from this webpage will work and be as
usable as any of my Top of The line Products. I will
describe why they are selling here to you.

These floats will have a dent in the foam or the cap was not Glued down flush all around. But these flaws will not be an issue with using them. There just not a #1 float so there marked down to give you a good deal !

The diameter of the Kat Bobber is 2 5/8" and lengths of 2 ", 3 ", 4 " . All sizes are very castable. There is a reciever hole in the top of the Kat Bobber to insert a Glow Stick to make it a Lighted Bobber.

Kat Bobbers

Size & Prices

four sizes, 2", 3", 4" . But what will make it work great for guys using Circle, Octopus, and Kahle hooks. They will be 3 1/2" in diameter. That making it very tough for that Fish, regardless of size to just "Yank it Under" without getting the Hook hung in him. I know that the regular KatBobber does a great job of setting the hook, and This Fat-KatBobber will do even a better job. The only thing I believe will need attention is that the bobberstop knot will need a few extra wraps to make it where it won't slip. The Graphic Below will let you compare to size and the regular KatBobber

Fat Kat Bobbers

FKB Size & Prices

There are new just selling these out .

** NEW ** XTOOLS Bullnose Floating Plier - 6 1/2" Applications The Floating Pliers are designed with the avid fisherman in mind. The ratios of composite materials in the pliers are engineered to ensure strength and durability. The tungsten carbide cutting system has been specially designed to cut braided line. Floats ,Cuts Braided Line, Soft Grip Handles, Light Weight, High Visibility, Comes with a Safety Lanyard Tool Maintenance: Rinse with mild soap and water after each use. ** .

X-Tool Bullnose Pliers