Wooley Dip Bait Worms.

Wild Wolf Products is now stocking the Wooley Dip Bait worms.We have them in 2 colors, Red and Black with a 3/0 Matzuo Octopus Sickle in black.
Then the ones with Treble hooks come in 4 colors, white, black, red & Yellow. These have a #4 treble hook. These have the normal Ribs of most dip bait worms. They also have the Wooley part that holds bait even in fast current. These are hand poured and the hook is molded into the plastic as its being poured. They come with 30 lb leader material that is strong enough for big fish. These work great for all dip baits. I have used them in lakes, and rivers. Be warned you can beat them against the water a dozen time's, and the bait is still clinging on these. . TRY EM. These are hand poured in the USA. .
TRY EM. These are hand poured in the USA.

We now have These worms in 5 pack or 10 packs. .


Wooley Dip Bait Worms

Wooley Worms

Summer Special on Our Dipbait worms. Buy while the price has dropped on these, prices will go back up without notice.

5 pack Sickle Dip Bait Worm, email us if you need white, yellow colors and we can change the color

5 Pak-Red Sickle Dip Worm

5 Pak- Black Sickle Dip Worm
10 pack Sickle Dip Bait Worms

10 Pak-Red Sickle Dip Worm

10 Pak-Black Sickle Dip Worm

5 pack Treble Dip Bait Worm

5 Pak-White Treble Dip Worm

5 Pak-Black Treble Dip Worm

5 Pak-Red Treble Dip Worm

5 Pak-Yellow Treble Dip Worm
10 pack Treble Dip Bait Worms

10 Pak-White Treble Dip Worm

10 Pak-Black Treble Dip Worm

10 Pak-Red Treble Dip Worm

10 Pak-Yellow Treble Dip Worm

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