Fish Grips

Glow in the Dark

Here are some new products I found and think they will be of great use to fisherman The fish grippers work great and the colors are Blue, Green, and Glow in the Dark. They FLOAT and only weigh in at 4 oz. There's a lanyard to allow you to hold on to the fish grips if you can't hold on to them and have a hole for your scales for getting the weight of the fish. I picked up a 52 lb bucket of lead sinkers with them and that weight did not even twist them. I was swinging the bucket and rotating it like a fish would do and they did not even know that weight was on them. The Fish Grippers will be a great addition to anyone's tackle box or boat. They would also make the perfect gift for the fishermen that needs a great product. They allow anyone to lift a fish and not have to handle the fish.

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Fish GRips
Fish Grips
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