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Fish Hair

"Fish Hair For Tying your own jigs"

In 50 Denier Packs Lenght of 2.5"

FisHair Synthetic Hair

A highly durable synthetic substitute to natural hair for fishing lures. The color is locked-in, meaning it will never fade in the sun or salt water. Available in 35 different colors, and 2 denier styles.

Individually Packaged:
100 Series - 1 hank per package
Length: 2.5" Width around 2.5" also
We have 20 colors in stock Will be adding more soon

Single Pack 100 Series 2.5 Fish hair - $3.49 each

00B Polar Bear White(-In Stock)
01 Natural White
02 FL Yellow-(In Stock)
02B FL Yellow-(In Stock)
03 FL Tangerine
04B FL Day-Glo Yellow
05 Mustard Yellow
06 FL Day-Glo Chartreuse
06B FL Day-Glo Chartreuse
07 FL Lime Green-(In Stock)
07B FL Lime Green
08 Emerald Green-(In Stock)
09 Moss Green
10B Sky Blue
11 Silver Blue
12B Royal Blue-(In Stock)
13 Peacock Blue
13B Peacock Blue
15B Nugget Gold
16B Squirrel Brown
17 Natural Brown
18 FL Day-Glo Orange-(In Stock)
18B FL Day-Glo Orange
19 Feather Red-(In Stock)
20B Burgundy
21 FL Dark Pink-(In Stock)
22 FL Light Pink
22B FL Light Pink
23 Mouse Grey-(In Stock)
24 Natural Black-(In Stock)
25 Olive Green-(In Stock)
26 Pale Pink
27B Neon Chartreuse-(In Stock)
28B Neon Tangerine-(In Stock)

colors with a 'B' have an extra lustrous finish

(Other colors can be ordered but has to be 5 pack minium to order)
Orders or 10 packs or more at a Discount
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Single Pack 100 Series 2.5 Fish hair - $3.49 each

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