Control Item
For the fishoff. Write on something ((WWP Fishoff )). Send us the pictures
Along with how you caugh it. Best of luck to everyone.

WildWolf Products
We will be having a fish off for people using our Kat & Fat Kat bobbers.
Must have a Picture with your fish and Our Bobber in the picture. We
will have a control item listed that will be in the photo. This or the date
in the picture and we will Check to see if its been photo shopped.

Biggest fish in each will win 5 of our Kat Bobbers.

We will have three sections for this fish off.

First is Channel cats best fish will win

Then Blue catfish again the biggest caught wins.

Then the best Flat Head will win.

E-mail Us Your Picture with info, Weight of fish, How you were fishing What float of ours you were using to make the catch?