Glow kits for Your Rods

These Rod Tip Glow Kits Allow you to apply this kit, then have a rod that glows for hours. It can be seen from 30+ ft Easy to charge back up if it does run down but I have some and they glow all night long. Its a 3 Step Process and has to be done right. DO NOT RUSH THIS WHEN APPLYING Kit comes with three bottles of the product Part A Part B and Part C along with a brush and Sanding cloths. Even had towels in there to clean up with. Along with directions. Easy to Apply and glows great. Stops the need to keep glow sticks on hand. Along with never leaving the glow sticks at home ever again. As long as you have your rod or rods with you . Its fishing time at night. Charges up in direct light so if your fishing in the sun before dark there charged. But if they need a recharge just hit them with a light for a little bit. Also a Black light gives the best charge to these. On the charging I have them last even when there in indirect light.

Glow kits must be applied by the directions to work like it should. So for that reason I can't give a warranty on this product. As if you Skip part of the steps or do it wrong Its beyond my control.

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Rod Tip Glow Kits

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