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News Letter

Were starting up a news letter. It will cover sales items,New Products and other news on what's new. If this is something You would like to receive please send us an E-Mail with your info on it to News Letter Link Please include your name address and E-mail address. This Will be something that you may not receive but one time per Month or if we add a new Product, Then we will also send out One.

On the Jug Kits,Assembled Jugs, GlowSticks, & KatBobber Pages here I have videos explaining our products. Check Them Out.

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    "Kat Bobber"                                 
     " Glow Sticks"                 
Drift Sock,Anchor Sock      " 12 Inch Anchor Sock"                 
     " Glow Tip Kit"                 
          Jug Making Kits                      
          Assenbled Jugs                      
          E-Z Mount                      
          Safety Floats                      
         Sample Hook packs                      
         Matzuo HOOKS 1/0 to 11/0                      
         Charlie Brown Octopus HOOKS                       
          Sinker Slides                      
          2 Hook Rigs                      
          Dipbait worms                      
          Fish Grips & Other Tackle                   
         Lead Sinkers                       
          Bridling kit                      
          Sauger Jigs                      
         Fish Grips                      
Igloo          Cooler Hinges                      
    "skipJack jigs"                                 
    "skipjack Spoons"                                 
    "Bargain tackle"                                 

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