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The "Kat Bobber"

How many times when out fishing for Catfish did you wish you
could keep your bait at a certain depth?? Or you have used
Balloons for a float to keep the bait where you wanted it. The
problem was that with a balloon, casting wasn't the greatest and
the wind blows a balloon around like a sailboat. Bank fishermen
especially need a bobber or float that will suspend their live bait
or a big piece of cut bait over structure. Most all Floats and
bobbers manufactured are too small to handle a 8 or 10 inch
bluegill over structure at a certain depth. The Kat Bobber is
made with a flat top and a flat bottom on the bobber. With this type
of design, when a catfish takes the bait and trys to run with it, it
will self hook him if you are using kayle or circle hooks. There is
the same resistence that a fish would have trying to pull down a
Noodle jug. It has been designed after the noodle type jug, Plus
it is a slip bobber and it's boyancy is capable of holding up a Large
live bait. We at WildWolf Products are catfishermen too and we have
played using all kinds of things to solve this delima. We will be
offering the Kat Bobber in different length configurations. The
diameter of the Kat Bobber is 2 5/8" and lengths of 2 ", 3 ", 4 ", and
5 ". All sizes are very castable. There is a reciever hole in the top
of the Kat Bobber to insert a Glow Stick to make it a Lighted Bobber.

We now have Hundreds of KatBobbers in the Hands of catfishermen
and have had tons of favorable Feedback. Many customers have
reordered several times. That is positive music to our ears. After
checking prices in sporting goods stores, Walmart, Bass Pro Shops
and Cabelas, we are satisfied that our pricing is competitive and is
really way cheaper when you compare all features and the ability to
accomadate large Live and Cut Baits. We stand alone in that area
head and shoulders above the competition. All of our Katbobbers are
Handmade and made in the USA by Americans.

We would like to take this opportunity to Thank all of our Wonderful Customers


We decided to make a larger KatBobber. I have had numerous requests
to make them for guys that wanted to fish Large Shad for Stripers. I have
made up some special orders for some of the BOC Brothers. The more I
thought about it, The reason to make them became more clear. This new
Fat-KatBobber would be heaven sent for all of the fisherman using Circle
Hooks. The way I am constructing the Fat-Kat, the height of it will come in
four sizes, 2", 3", 4" and 5". But what will make it work great for guys using
Circle, Octopus, and Kahle hooks. They will be 3 1/2" in diameter. That
making it very tough for that Fish, regardless of size to just "Yank it Under"
without getting the Hook hung in him. I know that the regular KatBobber
does a great job of setting the hook, and This Fat-KatBobber will do even
a better job. The only thing I believe will need attention is that the
bobberstop knot will need a few extra wraps to make it where it won't slip.
The Graphic Below will let you compare to size and the regular KatBobber

Below is a Graphic showing the setup we use and How to tie a Bobberstop
knot. I use Embrdodery Yarn to tie them, Works Best.

You can make a Lighted bobber by inserting a Glow Stick through the hole
made in the top cap and into the foam. Works great. Here is a KatBobber
with a Glow Stick inserted ( I use Green 8" Glow Sticks) Below you can tell,
They LIGHT UP The Bobber.

Note!!! Katbobbers come in colors that are available to us (Yellow, Pink, Lime Green, Blue, and orange) We cannot Guarantee color

All are very visable on the water

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Regular KatBobbers

2 5/8" round Kat Bobbers


3 3/4" round Fat Kat Bobber

Don't forget we have the Green Glowsticks Too

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Our KatBobbers are all Hand Made in the USA

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