There is no such
Thing as a bad
day or nite of Fishing

The "Kolossal KatBobber"

Another "New" Product from Wild Wolf Products. I have had customers ask for
something that they could jugfish from shore. Also a bobber that will handle a very
large live bait and be able to use a heavy sinker to keep the bait at a selected depth.

We have some plastic molded parts that will allow us to make just the Bobber, Jug,
or Float (Whatever you want to call it) that will do the job. It also brings up a couple of
other uses. Fishermen that use circle hooks will now have a Bobber that will load the
circle hook on the fish the second it takes your bait and tries to run with it. Also in states
where Limb lines are illegal, tie these off to the tree for a Anchored Jug. For the fisherman
that does not have a boat, These can be casted with out a problem a goodly distance.
After some feedback from you members, we will make these available in Lengths from
4" to 12". The diameter of this Kolossal KatBobber is 3 3/4 ".

Give us your comments on the BOC of your opinions in sizes and uses other that I have
stated here. We always appreciate your comments and feedback before we offer the
items we sell. Let us hear from you.