** NEW ** Bait Tool Demonstration ** .

Wild Wolf Products is now stocking the QuickRig. Hybrid Bridling Tool. This Tool allows you to rig live baits or even dead Baits, with the whole hook exposed. This allows for a better hook set as the gap of the hook is always open this way. You can also slide a swivel over the tip of a hook, then over the bait clip. The right size swivel stays on the hook without any issues. You will improve your hookup rate on big fish using big baits. This is what they're rigging salt water baits with, If it works for them you know it will work for Big Catfish or Fresh Water Stripers. . TRY EM.

We stock the Hybrid tool.kit , can special order the SS tool Kit. Comes with 3 different size clips.10 Large,10 Medium and 10 small. We also stock the clips in bulk sizes They come in packages with 100 clips. You pick the size. .


Bridling kit

Quick Rig

Quick Rig Bridling Kit

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