Posted by John (BOC Name-- Radish)---Mississippi--Mississippi River
Personal Best on rod & reel for 2007 caught & released
Some have asked what rod and reel I caught the fish on, I was using a Shakespeare Sturdy Stick, Daiwa Sealine X reel and Wild Wolf Products two hook rig with 10/0 top kahle hook and 7/0 bottom kahle hook. I caught the fish on the bottom 7/0 hook.
On The Weight I am not sure, my scales bottomed out at 100#

66lb Flat Head caught by Michael Willams 9/8/10

Hi.My name is Michael WIlliams and I was wondering if i could get my PB Flathead added to your Gallery, It is 66 lb and caught using a 2" Fat Kat Bobber with Cut Bluegill for Bait. I live in Kansas City, Kansas.I caught it out of the Missouri River. I am also on the USCA under the name KansasKatCatcher Thanks and God Bless
Thanks, Michael

20+lb Channel Cat caught by Matt Bredfeldt 8/29/10

Last night was a beautiful night! My wife and I made a spur of the moment decision to hit the local fishing lake for a few hours. We made it to the lake at about 9:30 pm and got all of our poles in the water. It was especially quiet on the lake for a Saturday night. Usually it is busy with bank fishermen and a group of loud, inconsiderate pleasure boaters but, it was almost vacant, which was nice for a change. Where we were this night there is a large cable running along the waters edge about 3 feet high. It makes a very convenient rod holder, so as usual our poles were spread out across it. We had been fishing for a couple of hours and one of my bobbers takes off...only a little guy about 3 lbs. After turning him loose, I was retying my wife's pole since she broke off in a snag and woosh! My bobber takes off again! So, I head quickly down to grab it and the fish pulls my rod until it is just hanging against the cable by the reel! Now I am rushing as fast as I can and just as I am ready to grab it, over the cable it bounces. I made a desperate reach over the cable, almost going face first in the lake, and manage to grab the very end of the butt of the rod between my thumb and index finger. I collect myself quickly and reel down on him and he instantly takes a good run. I said "Holy sh!#! This is a big fish!" He gave a short but impressive battle and I pulled him up and put the fish grips on him. I couldnt believe it, I just caught the biggest channel cat I had ever seen. I start clamoring for my scale but its not in my tackle bag! Luckily, there was a couple of guys out in a boat that saw the mayhem so I hollered to them to see if they had a scale, and they did. They even pulled all their poles in, pulled anchor and brought it to me. He was 22.25 lbs with the fish grippers, so I am guessing just a bit over 20 pounds. I had my wife snap a few photos and I briefly admired the catch so I could get him back in the water. Fish grippers removed, I placed him back in the water and began to gently pull him back and forth in the water to revive him. I rubbed his sides a few times and watched him swim away. An amazing night for sure!
Thanks, Matt

29 lbs 5 oz Blue Cat caught by BobPaul Gilvary 4/28/05

Here's the near 29 lb 10 oz blue cat I caught using one of the JugMakers, in the Cape Fear River, below lock & dam #1. I used a 2 litre jug with the JugMaker rigged with constuction twine. The hooks used were 8/0 circles snelled to 50# P-line copalomar leader material attached to swivels with 1/2 oz egg sinker above the swivel. Two hooks were used per jug, set about 3' apart. Bait used was cut shad and floated about 7 to 8' down from the jug. The circle hook got this fish in the upper jaw, piecing the bone. There was no way this fish was getting away without the other rigging failing. It took alot of effort on the part of my fishing partner, Mike Hardee, to remove the hook using pliers..You'll notice the DOT reflector tape on my jug in the picture. This made it very easy to spot light the jugs at long distances. With the bait and rigging hanging from the JugMaker, it still stayed flat on the water, but stood upright when a fish was on. You guys make a fine product.
Thanks, Bob

34 lbs 4 oz Blue Cat caught by Gene Chambers 4/28/05
This past Saturday I got my first chance to use our new Kat Bobber while fishing. Needless to say, I caught My Personal Biggest Cat on a rod and reel. I was fishing in 80 feet of water and I put a large piece of Cut skipjack out with the depth set at 40 feet and with in 15 to 20 minutes had my cat on. 15 minutes later it was to the boat with me trying to figure how I was going to get it in the boat. I just had to manhandle it in with a hand in the Gillplate. I was wired up. Us Ole men can get wired up you know.

Recieved this Letter from Dale Garrett a BOC member and Customer
Hi .

I haven't tried the jugMakers yet. The River has been too low. I did manage to catch it on the rise after a good rain, Went upstream from my put-in spot about 4 miles and floated back down, stopping at some spots that have produced for me in the past. I floated the Kat Bobber into snags around boulder piles and so on. I weighed a 28# and a 22# flathead and caught 3 more 9 or 10#ers. I am sure it was the Kat Bobbers that did it. In all seriousness, they are the best float I have ever used for this type of fishing. They didn't want to nose down under the water like some of the floats I have used in the Past. Good Product. Send me some more stuff!!
D. Garrett---Joplin, MO

Recieved this e-msil from Rob (Rushing) a BOC member and Customer
Hey , This is "Rushing" up in MN. I have a couple of pictures you could throw up on your gallery if you like. These are the two best fish I got in the short couple of months left in the season after I got my kat bobbers last summer.
My first flattie with a kat bobber (17lbs). Fished about 7ft down in in about a 12ft deep eddy in front of a creeek mouth, using a bullhead, on the Minnesota River.

Biggest Flathead I have caught with a kat bobber so far was this 33lber that came on a bullhead fishing a giant eddy that was about 6ft deep.

Can't wait for winter to be over so I can grt back out on the river!
Take Care! Rob

Was using a large cat-bobber floating over downed trees in 3 ft of water and caught this 50.5 flathead using live sucker chub and a 3 oz weight to keep it down,thanks for a good product that will hold up heavy weight and get the job done ,the light stick hole is a bonus __________________ Tony Spergin,Newark,Ohio

Posted by Scott Crabtree--Ohio

Well we went fishing this morning(7/4/07) and I was useing wild wolf kat bobbers, and we caught 5 nice flatheads before I left. The fish weighed between 15lbs and 9lbs. I caught one 15,10 and 9 lbs my son in law caught one 7 and 5. all were caught on the katbobbers. Man, Gene, thanks a bunch those things are killer used with circle hooks the fish hook their selves. Makes it a whole lot easier on a rookie like me. You cant beat the price and quality either. Well thanks again Gene for making such great products, I cant wait to pick up a few more and some of your glow sticks. Here are the pictures we took.

Name: Troy Greenwood
Team Name: Hawgdup
Team Number: 10
BOC Screen Name: spoonfish
Catfish Caught: Blue Catfish
Catfish Weight: 59.0 Pounds
Rounded Weight: 59 Pounds
Where Caught: Truman dam tailrace
Bait Used: Carp
Date Caught: July 7, 2007

Fishing Story: Meet with BOC member Primitivefrn (Jim) and Randy who works with Jim below Truman dam Fri. 7/6/07 at 7:00 pm to fish below the dam. Fishingbuddy4 and 2 other guys were out in there boat also to fish with us. The dam is cranking out water at 50,000 + CFS due to all the rain weve had. We anchored right in the current below the dam in Jim's River Pro boat. By 11:00 pm I had 3 fish in the boat with the biggest going 20 pounds. I had just looked at my watch and it was midnight makeing it 7/7/07. Must be my lucky day because at 12:05 my rod went down again. I knew I had a good fish on as she was sticking to the bottom. With all that current it took 15-20 minutes to get her to the boat. Her tail came up and we knew it was a good fish, then her head surfaced and we really got excited :-)) Randy got the boga grip on her and she was in the boat!!!! She was caught on a 2inch wide by 12 inch strip of carp fillet. Yep I use the big bait big fish theory. Surge Elite rod, Abu 7000 IC3 reel and 40# test Ande Envy green line with a double snelled 8/0 and 6/0 octopus circle 50# test leader by Wild Wolf Products. What a night. Thanks to Jim and Randy for making it happen! She was released to fight again...

Got this in E-Mail today 08/28/07
Darryl Mentzer out of Nebraska

Got this huge flat head last night.. "Using your" bobbers!! More to come. Darryl

Here's the pictures. I figure it is about 60 pounds. Caught it on South side of the Platte River near Woodcliff. Wow! Makes you want to go fishing for sure.

Posted by Dsage ---- Topeka, Kansas
I had the live gills out floating under Katbobbers in the grass that runs around some of the banks there. We then decided to break out the shad and cut him up and see what we could do with it. I tossed one pole out with the shad head on up in a cove so the water would move it up to the grass area. Well around 11:40ish I look over and the Katbobber goes shooting off and then it is now were to be seen. After chasing him aound the boat 2 times and having some close calls with the anchor rope he started to come to the top. That plan changed real quick when he saw the light he took off like a lighten bolt. I finally got him played out and we got him to the boat then one of my other poles went down and so did one of the old man poles. After weighing him several time and having the old man do the same and the Coffey scale read the same. We just stood there with out words.